In 1996, we founded KC Beefmasters. It's been a
steep learning curve for us. But the results have been
rewarding. The Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU)
Whole Herd Reporting program, as well as CUP Lab
ultrasound data collected on all of our ranch-raised
breeding stock have provided a means to improve our
herd's phenotype and carcass characteristics in order
to provide customers with a more uniform, quality

We've purchased cows, heifers, semen and embryos
from respected breeders. In 2006, we began an AI and
Embryo production program with great results. Please
take time to browse through our website and look at
our donors. We have some of the best genetics in the
Beefmaster breed. We're striving to improve the "Six
Essentials" our breed was founded on, as well as move
our herd towards improved carcass qualities demanded
by today's competitive market place.

If you need dog food, we can help you. See our web

Please contact us with any questions.

Regards, Roger Fuller and Kaye Fuller, DVM

Look at our Herd-Sires
page to see the great
Cavalcade calves.
What a Bull!!!
We just
collected Cavalcade in
mid November '14.  We
have semen for sale at
a VERY reasonable
$30 per Straw!!!!

Check out the
bull page and the young
heifer page for the
majority of the updates.

Our production from
our donors is even
better than we
expected. Many of the
donors are resting now
expecting natural
calves soon. Although
Sunshine, Cherry Lee
and Emmaline are gone
now, there influence is
still felt in some
outstanding progeny.  
Our current donors -
Lady Prada, Ziva,
Sweet Secret, Marilyn
Merlot, Desert Mirage -
continue to carry on our
tradition of excellence.
Current News