Our KC Ranch has been providing quality seed stock Beefmaster
    cattle to breeders for over 13 years. Recently, it became evident that
    the public was demanding a more natural alternative to store bought
    beef. As our cattle were already being raised in a natural, grass
    environment, it made sense to offer our grass fed beef directly to
    consumers in the Central Texas area.

    The Beefmaster breed is an original American cattle breed, developed
    in the harsh conditions of South Texas. These cattle thrive on a natural
    grass diet: quality, lean beef is not dependent on "finishing" diets of
    grain in this breed. Our cattle are raised without hormone implants or
    unnecessary antibiotics designed to maximize pounds of beef and
    therefore weight gain profit. Most slaughter cattle live out the last
    portion of their lives in cramped, dirty environments and are fed pure
    grain-based diets which lead to meat with an undesirable fatty acid
    ratio. In contrast, our grass fed beef cattle live in relatively unrestricted
    pastures with constant access to seasonal grasses or hay raised in our
    meadows. The resulting beef from animals fed a grass diet is lower in
    saturated fat, and higher in monosaturated fats and CLA, and has a
    healthier omega 6 to 3 fatty acid ratio.

    In feed yards groups of animals are shipped from different locations
    and placed together: The stress of shipping and mixing herds leaves
    them highly susceptible to diseases. We have a closed herd, and after
    weaning, our cattle are kept in contemporary groups of similar age
    throughout their lives.  All our cattle are tested negative for a number of
    infectious diseases including brucellosis, tuberculosis (our herd is
    certified free of these diseases), BVD, bovine leukemia, Johne’s
    disease,  and neospora. Any purchased cattle are quarantined and
    tested negative for all these diseases before introduction into our herd.
    This helps us make certain we are starting with the healthiest animals
    possible, and our management practices keep their stress to a
    minimum throughout their lives.
    Please send us an email requesting more information on our grass fed
    beef. We will send you a complete write up concerning the purchase of
    our wonderful beef. We'll put quality beef in your freezer for far less than
    buying at the grocery store.

    Roger Fuller, Owner
    Kaye Fuller DVM, Owner
Grass Fed Beef