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At KC Beefmasters, we believe in the importance of the Six Essentials set out for the Beefmaster breed by founder Tom Lasater: fertility, disposition, conformation, hardiness, weight and milk production. We also feel strongly that measuring provides essential information needed to take our breeding program to the next level. For our breed to succeed in the purebred market, and for us to  be able to predict and improve carcass traits that commercial cattlemen require,  we are taking advantage of  many of the voluntary programs sponsored by Beefmasters breeders United. These include the Whole Herd Reporting, herd Classification program. and
BBU-sponsored feed out programs for carcass evaluation and feed efficiency information.  The BBU Whole Herd Reporting program is set up for measuring not only birth, weaning, and yearling weights, but also ultrasound carcass data collection,  lifetime dam production summaries,  and udder suspension and teat size scores. This information will be accumulated to produce EPD's that can enable the best predictability in future KC Beefmaster breeding decisions, and allow buyers the opportunity to make informed purchasing decisions.

Seven years ago we helped form a 501(c)3 foundation, Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation,  to promote educational scholarship opportunities and research targeted toward improvement of the Beefmaster breed. Please consider giving a tax deductible donation to help fund youth education and research into Beefmaster cattle. B.E.E.F.

Kaye Fuller is a small animal veterinarian. Roger is retired from a large US multinational tech company.
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