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In 1996, we founded KC Beefmasters. It's been a steep learning curve for us. But the results have been rewarding. The Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) Whole Herd Reporting program, as well as CUP Lab ultrasound data collected on all of our ranch-raised breeding stock have provided a means to improve our herd's phenotype and carcass characteristics in order to provide customers with a more uniform, quality

We've purchased cows, heifers, semen and embryos from respected breeders. In 2006, we began an AI and Embryo production program with great results. Please take time to browse through our website and look at our donors. We have some of the best genetics in the Beefmaster breed. We're striving to improve the "Six Essentials" our breed was founded on, as well as move our herd towards improved carcass qualities demanded by today's competitive market place.

Please contact us with any questions.

Regards, Roger Fuller and Kaye Fuller, DVM
Where Pedigree and
Performance Matter
Please see our Cattle For Sale Web page. Also look at a photo of the our heifer 5-5 which won Champion Bred Heifer in Houston STBBA sale on the 'Recent Sales" page.

Por favor vea nuestra página Web de Ganado a la Venta. También mire una foto de nuestra vaquilla 5-5 que ganó Champion Bred Heifer en la venta de STBBA de Houston en la página "Recent Sales".
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